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About Browns Bees Australia Beekeeping Supplies.

Terry Brown started commercial beekeeping in 1979 as Queen Breeder and Honey Producer.

He expands his horizons and started exporting queens and packages bees around the world.

In 2012 he commences importing beekeeping products for himself and soon after that he was selling these products to commercial beekeepers.

Among the products he  imported was pure bee pollen to help feed his bees in times of need. After having good success with the pollen other beekeepers saw the benefits of feeding natural pollen.

Pierco Beekeeping Equipment. They have given Browns Bees Australia the Australian agency for their products.

Browns Bees Australia continues growing due 47 years of experience in the beekeeping industry. Terry knows the challenges commercial beekeepers face today. That is why we sell our products at the lowest prices we can manage.


For smaller operators we suggest you contact other beekeeping friends and combine an order to get the best prices.

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